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About Stegmann

Since 1888 Stegmann has been producing the highest quality wool felt clogs in the world. This knowledge has been passed down through generations as each one continuously improved and developed the felting process. Today Stegmann uppers are still produced in the Tyrolean Alps to guarantee the best quality and comfort.

What makes Stegmann different? Unlike other brands, the Stegmann upper is felted while on a shoe last so that the finished product is one piece with NO seams. The advantage to this construction is a consistent thickness at all portions of the clog. Unlike stretching sheet goods, the thickness of felt at the toe box is the same as the vamp. Also, Stegmann clogs are available in 1/2 sizes so you can find your perfect fit. Only the finest raw material wool is used and all uppers are made with the environment and sustainability in mind. The wool is used with pure Tyrolean mountain water and NO chemicals added.

In the USA, the Stegmann upper is combined with either a cork/latex footbed or a polyflex footbed. The perfect shape of the cork footbed with both transverse and longitudinal curvature stabilizes the foot and is extremely flexible. The polyflex footbed offers a more soft feel with more flex. With either construction, each step is cushioned – ensuring a healthy and relaxed walk. Let your feet feel what over 100 years of knowledge can be.